Maria Christoforidou


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Maria Christoforidou is an artist, writer and researcher. Maria was born in Zambia, grew up in Greece and has spent most of her adult life in the UK. The insoluble differences of these environments are powerful incentives toward theory. A lateral approach to critical theory of image, language and their combinations is the foundation of her practice. She uses research and collaboration in different formats – lectures, workshops, events, written and visual essays, publishing – to explore the political, physical and performative implications of writing and photography.

Maria is motivated by a persistent interest in metaphor as a tool that exposes ‘not so obvious’ or even secret connections.  A tool to move you away from the centre, to express the unspeakable knots of Otherness, to question the neutrality of various canons, to expand spheres of activity and interest. This attitude finds fertile ground in her current research in the Afro European feminist discussions of intersectionality, voice, hybridity, decolonisation, and revaluation of the intertextual role images play in forming identities.

Maria first came to Cornwall to study and she is now forever tied to the sea. She joined Falmouth University in 2016 after working for 4 years in Plymouth University.


Research interests and expertise:

My practice involves writing, printed or spoken, accompanied by my ‘amateurish’ photography and film. I have an interest in chance and anything that takes one away from the centre, the normal, the accepted: metaphor, multiplicity, complication, illusion, lies, dreams, magic, damage, unfinished, mistakes. Also, an obsession with systems of accumulating, enumerating, categorising objects and information: museums, archives, archaeology. I most often work in collaboration with others. I am one third of Various Writing, an art research cluster that investigating acts of writing. I was co-curator of Decalcomania, a collaborative curatorial project. For the T – Rex Cinema, an experimental art cinema in a rural community setting in collaboration with Martyn Ridgewell, and as the lead curator and producer of the first Penryn Arts Festival 2013, Cornwall. I was also part of the founding team of FOMO Arts Publishing Fair.

Research topics:

  • Decolonisation
  • Intersectionality
  • Metaphor
  • Feminisms
  • Oulipo
  • Appropriation
  • Photography
  • Semiotics
  • Language
  • Cinema
  • Archaeology
  • Deconstruction
  • Critical Writing
  • Poetics
  • Hybrids
  • Personal is Political
  • African Diaspora



Conference and workshop outcomes:




Year Description

Decalcomania Curatorial Experiment
Collaborative Exhibition Project with Laura Smith.
Curator and Producer, Publication Designer
The Exchange, Penzance


Penryn Arts Festival
Combined Arts Festival 150 local and international projects.
Director/Producer/ Arts Council Grant Funding
Penryn, Cornwall


In Flux
Lecture with Dr Lucy Howarth, Marlow Moss Seminar
Tate St. Ives


Far Out and Further Away
Leading Artist youth workshops with Circuit Programme
Tate St Ives


‘The Other – Penryn’ Reimagine Your Town / Penryn
Community Multigenerational Series of Collage Workshops


Areas of teaching:

  • Art Histories and Theories
  • Critical Theories
  • Feminist Studies
  • Art practice

Courses taught at Falmouth:

  • Fine Art BA(Hons)
  • Illustration BA(Hons)
  • Graphic Design BA(Hons)


Independent professional practice:

Similis Publication / Visual Essay in collaboration with Martyn Ridgewell. Re – Map 4, Athens

10 Dreams To Get There. Essay Contribution for “To arrive where we started…” Publication 
What We Have Done, What We Are About To Do, Exhibition, Glasgow CCA

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