Laurence North


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Originally educated as a Fine Artist I began teaching MA printmaking at the Slade School, I then moved on to teaching MA & BA Fine Art courses at Manchester, Staffordshire and Portsmouth. I began working at Falmouth University in 1991 and during my time at Falmouth have taught on a number of courses; Illustration BA (Hons), Architecture BA (Hons), Drawing BA (Hons), Fine Art BA (Hons) and Broadcasting BA (Hons)


Research interests and expertise:
Research interests include the relationship between Architecture and Illustration, I would also consider personal key themes to be the interconnected nature of the arts and the importance of Histories and Theories as a presence in studio practice.

Research topics:

  • Giotto’s Medieval Fresco paintings
  • Art on the London Underground
  • Representations of space and time in the arts

Research related websites:


Book Selection:

Conference or Workshop Item:


  • Image number 123, Material Building
  • Imagenumber82, A Random General Principle
  • Image number 91, Relax
  • Image number 96, Drawing Memory


  • 1986, Saga gallery, Chelsea, London.
  • 1986, Bradford International Print Show, Cartwright Hall, Bradford.
  • 1986, Rank Xerox, Tradition and Innovation in Printmaking, Highly commended, purchase prize.
  • 1987, Food For Thought, Cartwright Hall Bradford.
  • 1988, Humberside Print Competition, Hull.
  • 1989, Mappin gallery, Print Open, Sheffield.
  • 1989, Flowers East, Christmas Show, London.
  • 1990, Oxford, Glasgow Print Show. Oxford and Glasgow.
  • 1990, Crewe and Alsager College of H.E Gallery, Borderline printmakers, group exhibition.
  • 1990, Agora Contemporary Arts, Chester.
  • 1990, Bradford Biennial, International Print Show, Bradford.
  • 1990, Bradford Biennial, International Print Show, Royal College of Art, London.
  • 1991,Travelling exhibition, Humberside Schools, Humberside.
  • 1991, Hill Head Library, Group Exhibition, Glasgow.
  • 1991, Cleveland College of Art and Design Gallery, Cleveland.
  • 1991, Ikon Gallery, Birmingham Miraldi Honeymoon project.
  • 1991, Solo show, Ferens Art Gallery, Hull.
  • 1992, Solo show, Oxford printmakers workshops.
  • 1995, Screening of video, Tate Gallery St Ives Cornwall.
  • 1995, National touring show, Computers in Art and Design. Brighton University,
  • 1995, Group exhibition, Staffordshire University.
  • 1998, Screening of video, Portobello independent film festival
  • 1999, Group show, Hell or High Water, Penzance, Cornwall.
  • 1999, ADOGI Mini print internacional. International touring group exhibition.
  • 1999, Printmakers Council Open Biennial, London. 
  • 1999, Fine art practitioners exhibition, Falmouth College of Arts
  • 2007. Group show, University College Falmouth staff group exhibition
  • 2007, Solo exhibition 5 years gallery, London 
  • 2007, Group exhibition 5 years gallery, London 


  • Henry Moore Scholar1990-1991


Courses taught at Falmouth University:

  • Illustration BA(Hons)
  • Architecture BA(Hons)
  • Art History Survey Course as a resource available to all students

Engagement with professional associations and societies:

  • Association of Art Historians

123, material building, ink and paint on paper, 15x15cm

91 Relax


BA(Hons) Illustration
Become adept at problem solving and creating your visual language on an illustration course renowned for its professional practice and industry connections. From day one you’ll have your own desk space, and be encouraged to embrace the studio culture of creative communities.

MA Authorial Illustration
Develop your unique authorial voice on this studio-based MA Illustration course. You’ll learn to see your work as an evolving practice, as you challenge and re-evaluate your personal visual language with the help of experienced practitioners.



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