Pushing the bounds of experimentation

I’m coming to the end of my notes on experimentation seminars and will start to draw everything together into a project plan. There are many great topics which I have discussed over the past week. Notably discussion on serious games and user audiences/experience, but I’m now close enough to the submission deadline where I must pick a project to experiment with and put a pitch together. I’m going to conclude with a series of prompts to help me with defining my ideation:

what directions am I experimenting?
how can I push my experimentation further?
what are the risks of sliding back into the familiar?
what constraints can inspire/enable experimentation?
what affordances can inspire/enable experimentation?
what audiences will be suitable? what audiences will be unsuitable?
define the purpose more: personal, political, social, whimsical, provocative, anthropological. Think about domains.

I’m mindful that when trying to define a user audience, Nick Yee’s work on player typology has been put together in a handy reference: http://quanticfoundry.com/2015/12/15/handy-reference/. He’s also recently been working on motivation and behaviour in a segmentation approach; an area which I hope to delve into further in my masterwork thesis: https://quanticfoundry.com/2020/08/17/player-segments/.

I’m also keen to explore whether my game might serve multiple purposes and audiences, particularly when applied as a serious game.

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