Ways to take the project forward – funding bids and future collaborations

As the nature of this project had to change so abruptly part-way through I feel as though there are things I have been unable to try, and there is also a lot of scope for the project to continue to expand.  I have identified four main ways in which I can take this forward:

  1. The animation.  As long as people continue to send in leaves I can keep adding them in to the animated forest, either adding to the length of the original animation or making a series of them, perhaps using the other 360-degree photos I took.
  2. A physical tree.  I would still like to build a tree and install the leaves in a physical space, as a tribute to the strange times we have all gone through during lockdown.  I have consulted further with sculptor Tom Leaper and worked out a design which would involve building a 15-ft laser-cut bronze tree, casting the existing leaves in bronze and adding these to the sculpture.  It would be lovely to install this somewhere public such as the Eden Project.
  3. Online as an interactive game.  The idea for this came about when I found it was not possible to make an animated space people could explore themselves.  Since then I have had several meetings with Games Academy lecturers Terry Greer and Brian McDonald, and have formed a working partnership with Kieren Hiscock who is about to start the MA in Games Design.  One of the modules on his course next year is Experimental Game Design, and Terry Greer has suggested my project would be a good fit for this.  Kieren has at my request itemised and costed three different options for forming a team and taking this forward, as the scope is very flexible.
  4. A community information pack which would be downloaded for free from my website and enables different groups to create their own wishing tree for community engagement.  I intend to produce a resource pack which can be used as a template and am really excited about the possibilities of what other people do with my idea.  Clive Russell of XR spoke about this at the 2020 Illustration Forum and XR do a similar thing, producing templates which can then be used and adapted by people everywhere when campaigning under the XR banner.

Options two and three require funding, so I have familiarised myself with the application processes for both Cultivator and the Arts Council.  Below is the staffing and costs breakdown which I intend to adapt to their individual processes.

Staffing and Cost Breakdowwns, Bronze Tree and 3 x Online Gaming Proposals

I will be pursuing all four of these options going forwards.  I am very keen that the project, and therefore the forest, continue to grow.  I fell it has huge potential.

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