Updated Project Proposal

The project has changed so much since the lockdown restrictions that it seemed a good idea to produce an updated project proposal.

Project title  

One Forest: A Communal Wishing Tree

Project Aims

I wish to continue my exploration of community art and co-creation, focusing on the beneficial effects of working on co-created art projects and the need for this in challenging times such as the one we all currently find ourselves in due to the coronavirus.

For my practice project I intend to create an enchanted forest as a digital location, populating it with leaves sent in by participants decorated with their own personal wishes for a better world.   The premise will be that they draw/write on the leaf what their one wish would be – if they could make the world better, what would that look like?  It can be as global or personal as they like, and I hope to get a broad range of participants in terms of age, geographical location etc.  I will make the leaf templates available through various online platforms and post them to anyone who is unable to digitally access them.  I will then use scanned images of the returned leaves to add them into the enchanted forest animation, creating a shared space full of hope and positivity through the messages sent in by participants.  I will also produce an accompanying publication illustrating this shared consciousness and create opportunities for the project to continue to grow after the module ends.

Alongside this I will continue my work on both enchanted forests and actual trees/forests in terms of their community and interdependence, and will produce illustrations that explore these areas.

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