Irene Vidal/Dan Arnold

The recent workshop with Irene Vidal was an eye-opener in terms of what’s possible when exhibiting online.  In a way we’re pretty restricted in terms of the university showcase – we’re still waiting to hear exactly what we can submit, but if it’s anything like the BA ones then we are limited to 4 images/videos etc and a link to our online portfolio.  The format is very fixed, which makes sense from the point of view of the designer putting it together and giving everyone equal coverage but doesn’t allow for a lot of creativity for featured artists.  In terms of my own website, however, I could do a lot more with it and it was great to see some flamboyantly imaginative examples.

Irene also signposted the work of Dan Arnold, an MA alumni who produced the most gorgeous piece of digital artwork, “A Murmuration of Light”.  I was lucky enough to have a brief tutorial with Dan, who was very reassuring – he learned how to create this “sculpture made with light” during a residency at the Denver Museum of Science and Nature and the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery and had also never used the software and techniques before.  I hadn’t picked up on the fact that this can be projected inside a dome and become a 3-D image, but there are obvious parallels to the animation I’m making.  Dan also pointed me in the direction of a couple of websites which offer free sound effects, which I will need for ambient forest sounds and birdsong.

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