Here’s the finished animation!  I am so pleased with this – it’s come together really well in a relatively short amount of time, and has the dreamy magical quality I was hoping for.  I feel that it gives each leaf (and therefore each person) a platform to display their wish for a better future, whilst inviting them to be a part of a beautiful group piece of artwork.  The leaves themselves seem to be alive in some way, and I like the fact that they move as individuals, spinning at different speeds and in different directions to reflect the fact that they are all made by different people.  It’s not faultless, there are things I will improve on as I learn more about the software and my camera work is a bit erratic, especially towards the end, but I think for a first attempt on unfamiliar software in a totally new discipline it’s pretty lovely.  Seeing all the wishes floating there is quite an emotional experience.

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