Animation Progress

I’ve finally finished cutting out and editing each leaf and just started slotting them into the 2.5-D space and animating them to make them twirl slightly.  There were over 70 leaves submitted so it’s taking a very long time on unfamiliar software, but I’m thrilled with what people have sent in – I have leaves from India, America, Australia, Europe sand all over England, and a huge range of ages too.  People have put so much effort and creativity in, I’m incredibly touched.  Seeing them all together is amazing.  I did a trial video upload after putting in a few leaves, screenshot below:

Screenshot of early stages of animation
Screenshot of early stages of animation

The next stage is to learn to manipulate the camera so that it moves amongst the leaves and record it doing this.  (I did attempt to avoid this by making the leaves grow and shrink in sequence as though we were zooming in, but it’s too time-consuming a process and doesn’t really work.)  Then I add the sound layer (I managed to find some lovely birdsong online) and the title at the front with my website address in the last frames.  I’ve kept this the same font and format as it appears in the accompanying book for a bit of brand consistency.  I would like the forest to continue to grow after the university deadline, and if people continue to send me leaves I can add them in to the animation so I need to add that message to the end frames and make sure I leave the leaf templates on the site and social media pages.

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