Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (and Friends)

for full session see: All I want for Christmas…

session overview:
  • Participants will brainstorm and list small ‘typical’ Christmas objects *use Christmas cards / adverts etc for ideas.
  • A single object could be photographed in different ways to create a typology
  • Collect the objects
  • Photograph them as neutrally as possible (using a piece black velvet as a backdrop or curved A1 card as an ‘infinity curve’)
  • Print and stick onto card. Make your accordian fold out card (of at least 3 of the objects)
suggested output: christmas accordian card
Additional activity ideas:
  • Christmas Nativity: Find Christmas themed minature models and objects. make a story / nativity and photograph it. What is its story?
  • Christmas Object: Give each participant / group one ‘Christmas’ object. What else could it be used for?

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