Artist Statement

The unique qualities within the smallest microscopic entity to vast complexities of the cosmos (and everything else in between) drives my practice. My curiosity is stirred by the hidden aspects of our world and my work culminates in various forms that aim to reveal forgotten or overlooked details.
Hyper-capitalism and geopolitics influence disruption and damage to ecosystems and human compassion. I seek ways to visually convey my concerns and challenge the dangerous desensitisation that is spreading like a virus. I want to explore and understand humanity’s place within these systems and our fluctuating relationship with the natural world.
My practice is ever-evolving and tends to be weighted towards lens-based media but often hybridises analogue, digital and physical elements. There is no set formula for my process. One element feeds the next, ideas generate and begin to flow until a form or thread emerges. The process is subtle and mysterious but eventually reveals a poignancy or poetry that reflects my concerns and has to be shared.

I am now a graduate of fine art working across a range of media – predominantly lens-based but I’m moving into a deeper exploration of sound and audio. My practice is heavily based on research and much of my work is initiated through documentation of places and people I encounter on my travels. The natural world, modern living, the human condition, science, ethics, history, anthropology, ecology and geopolitics are amongst the many areas I explore and unpick.

Chance, experimentation, investigation, invention and eccentricity form the core of my process and my work is often presented in mixed media installation.

Keywords: Curiosity, play, observation, alternate realities, future, sci-art, quiet, connections, cosmic, earthy, mineral, hybridity, fusions.